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Commercial Fee Appraisal

The Beer-Wells-Todd appraisal report is prepared with the highest regard for quality, accuracy, ethics and integrity. It is a very reliable reflection of current market conditions influencing the property being appraised. All commercial appraisals, at a minimum, will conform to client and industry requirements. Beer-Wells-Todd appraisals will always be in conformance with:

• The Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
• Title XI of the Federal Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA).
• The Standards of Professional Practice and the Code of Ethics of the Appraisal Institute.
• State regulatory requirements placed on state certified real estate appraisers.

Each report will either be prepared or extensively reviewed by a Member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI). We endeavor to support our valuation with the best available comparable sales and rentals, as well as expense and tax comparables, to provide our clients with a reliable report.

In addition to more conventional assignments, such as office, retail, apartments, industrial, and single family residential properties, the staff at Beer-Wells-Todd has experience in analyzing other types of real property including hotels/motels, airports, marinas, medical facilities, regional malls, sports and entertainment venues, parking garages, low income and tax credit multi-family housing, condemnation assignments both Whole Property and Partial Taking assignments, master planned residential and mixed use developments, and retirement communities.

Unique appraisal and consulting assignments previously encountered by members of the staff include quantifying the effects of asbestos contamination, the effects of flood influences, evaluating the impact on value for sites which are located in private tax districts, abandonment of lease analysis, R.O.W. and easement valuation, eminent domain of high profile Dallas area public projects, and detailed highest and best use studies for alternative uses.

What Our Clients Can Expect

• We conduct detailed neighborhood analyses and market overviews of each property type, and investigate and address any significant events pertinent to the property appraised. Our staff personally interviews zoning, tax, utility, and other pertinent sources.

• We confirm as many sales as deemed reasonably appropriate for each property appraised. We then reduce the number actually analyzed to systematically minimize the number of adjustments required of the comparables and to enhance the overall quality of the report.

• Each of the comparable sales data and rental data included within the report will be personally verified by an experienced appraisal member of our staff, as opposed to research level personnel not experienced in performing appraisals. This includes residential sales verified by participating brokers as opposed to using unverified data from the Multiple Listing Service printouts. This is helpful in further verifying such details as financing arrangements, date of sale, property description, or encumbrances influencing the sales price of the comparable.

• In determining the Cost Approach to Value, our firm engages the on-line services of the Marshall Valuation Service for an up-to-date and accurate reproduction cost estimate instead of the less accurate unit-in-place method of estimating reproduction costs. While more time consuming, this segregated cost analysis allows us to provide a more detailed and itemized cost of each structural component of the building being appraised.

• If necessary, we have the expertise to design computer programs to accommodate the specific requirements of a particular property. We use the most recent versions of such real estate software programs as Argus and various Excel spreadsheets either designed by members of our firm or industry venders.

• We are very responsive to a reviewer's concerns and we are willing to personally meet with our client (or reviewer) and discuss specifics of the report, both prior to commencement and after completion of the assignment. We are also very responsive in making any corrections deemed appropriate by our staff.

• Due to our affiliation with a property management and brokerage firm, our firm has one of the most extensive data bases of all commercial property types of any commercial appraisal firm in the Metroplex. If the information on a particular market transaction is not in our data base, we most certainly have a contact to verify the information.

Property Tax Consulting Services

Beer-Wells-Todd Real Property Analysts, Inc. specializes in reducing our client’s real and personal property tax assessments to ensure they pay only their fair share of property taxes. The extensive experience of our tax professionals combined with highly competent and experienced commercial appraisers results in a successful formula for real property assessment reductions to levels indicative of market value. This ability to provide a detailed, professional approach to property valuation is critical in assuring a fair and equitable assessment. Our staff is individually licensed as senior property tax consultants and registered property tax consultants.

The tax consultants of Beer-Wells-Todd are required to be of high integrity and ethics, have a high level of technical expertise, possess strong negotiating skills, have a commitment to serving the client in all areas of tax consultation, and have a proven record of preparing well supported and documented arguments which result in reasonable reductions in the assessments.

Beer-Wells-Todd differs from most tax consulting firms in that the firm is not a volume processor of tax appeals. The larger tax consulting companies do not have the capability for individual client attention which is available at Beer-Wells-Todd. This individual client attention results in a personal relationship between client and tax consultant, and allows the client to be kept abreast of potential changes in tax liability and pertinent laws and regulations.

The credentials of the Beer-Wells-Todd staff and the commitment to excellence has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax savings for clients located throughout the State of Texas. Given the difficulty of maintaining attractive profit margins and keeping operating costs at minimal levels, it is imperative that owners of real estate, managers, and investors engage a tax consulting firm with the expertise, competence, integrity, and overall credibility indicative of Beer-Wells-Todd.

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